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D&L Claims Service
  D&L Claims Service is an Insurance Appraisal Company operating in the Midwest and South Central States offering industry-leading service to our clients. We act as independent appraisers and adjusters, but with benefits including growing coverage areas, inside staff and field staff, who as team work together to complete timely in depth reports, with a strong dedication to our clients and best practices.

Our service thru the leadership of our main office in Northern Illinois allows for our appraisers to work together in all aspects of the claims process from receipt of a new assignment through the Quality Assurance Review and then onto Delivery. The appraisers are kept involved in the assignment process thru continuous training in both industry related courses along with our own inner office Reviews. With the experience of our staff, along with the support of our clients, we have been able to continually grow with field staff centered in key areas throughout the Midwest and South Central United States. It is with our dedication and our client's appreciation towards our services that makes our company.

We strive to offer professional and prompt inspections. We take pride in a quality, in depth reports and appreciation towards insurance company guidelines. Consider D&L Claims Service as an extension of your claims office. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

D&L Claims Catastrophe Response deploys Highly Trained Professionals

D&L Claims Service has been committed to continuous improvements to enhance our ability to react in Catastrophe situations. With the rising weather-related events or man-made disasters, we have taken the best of our network and teamed them with lead management to create quicker response time and customer service. From natural, weather-related events such as hailstorms, floods, tornadoes, chemical oversprays as well as man-made, environmental disasters. Our teams of professional appraisers are trained to react. Our field consultants and appraisers work in daily progression to assure our client's needs, delivering care and compassion in every aspect. New technology allows for our entire network to stay connected, loss consultants, first responders, appraisers all working together in communication to deliver the best in service. Our client managers are available 24/7 to take control regardless of scale, from large too small or that single claim our specialists remain vigilant at all times.

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D&L Claims Service
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D&L Claims Service
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